486-Ebay marisaland pasapik ismaa3 Bermuda St Helena fake number license plates

In August 2016 Ebay seller marisaland from Spain was trying to sell these reproduction (fake) St. Helena and Bermuda plates.

marisaland used to be pasapik and pasapik is a well known seller of fakes and reproductions under another name, ismaa3. He likes to sell new, unused, mint plates in Perspex (Plexiglass) that are poor quality copies of very rare and exotic plates but he always says they are used and genuine and the region of manufacture is Spain. They are only poor quality copies made from photographs of the genuine plates and have never been near the countries they are supposed to have come from.

marisaland says one of these plates is located in La Fresneda, Spain and another is in El Soto, Madrid, Spain. ismaa3 is based in El Campillo, Spain. Either he is using his relatives to sell his plates or he does not even know where he lives.

The Bermuda plates are supposed to be from the car of the Premier of Bermuda but he is still using those plates. The St. Helena is just a normal number with extra stickers to make it more interesting.

Why do collectors want to spend big money on poor quality reproductions of plates that are so obviously unused and fake? Better you collect photos of the genuine plates.