487-Ebay ngv2013 Turkmenistan government trailer fake number license plate

In August 2016 Ebay seller ngv2013 from Hummeltal in Germany was trying to sell this supposedly Turkmenistan government plate that he says is used.

It is actually a badly made reproduction of a government trailer plate and is another one from the batch that uzdecor was selling a few months previously. It has never been used and is actually made wrong.

See 351-Ebay-uzdecor-com-musikman33-Turkmenistan-government-trailer-sample-number-license-plates on page 41 of this site for the other ones that all have the same numerals as this one.
The only numerals used on any of these poorly made reproductions are 1, 2, 3 and 6 with some plates have the 6 turned upside down to be a 9.

Don’t buy ‚exotic‘ plates like this without checking first if there is something wrong with them. Just because a seller says a plate is used is no reason to believe him and always ask to see the back of such plates for signs of use.
Why spend big money on a supposedly difficult to get plate that is wrong and worth perhaps 5 US cents as scrap aluminium?