In Memory of Cedric R . I . P . 😢

This Side is in Memory of Cedric Sabine How make this Side !

Cedric Martin Peter SABINE was Born July 6 1955 In England

He passed away on 5th October 2018, only aged 66, only son of Peggy and Peter Sabine in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. (Heart attack). He is much missed.

He Left Scottland for United Arab Emirates in May 2001 ,sell all His Plates.

So He Learn about Emirate Plates and Send Info to Europlate.

About in Year 2017 He move to Kyrgystan for Job in Oil Business

My Remembrance of Cedric, BY A Europlate Member ( printed in Europlate Newsletter) .

I first got to now Cedric when i purchased part of his vast number plate collection back in 2001. Just before he began his expat life, he had to have a clear out, so all his plates have to go. After that purchase, we continued in touch mainly to get Arabic plates translated so he used to send mails whit pictures and, some i have to say were very rare plates, asking what letters meant. Over the years he learnt Arabic well enough to need me to check the translation rather than do it for him and he was right most of the time. I met Cedric for the first time in Dubai in Dec 2005 for lunch. The Impression I had of him since then had not changed over the years. An absolute number plate expert, a dedicated passion that dwarfed anything I knew about plates. He had his contacts and got pictures and actual plates which i found baffling. He knew the Middle East well because of his oil-related work and also knew about Far Estern plates. Beyond plates, Cedric was a charming man, friendly and approachable. He valued friendships and would make friends for life. Last time we met was Sep 2015 in Dubai. We Had an extended lunch and strangely we said nothing about plates. He had been trying hard to land freelance work in Jordan and Dubai but clients were reluctant to provide work due the oil market then. He talked about many things, hi new life in Kyrgyzstan , his family etc., he talked about his website which he set up to root out fake plates and got threats because of it. He laughed them off and continued his service to the number plate world through his website. He was a genuine guy, never talking life too seriously. His last email was in Nov 2017 saying he has given up the Jordan job. I sensed frustration from his email, but unfortunately I knew nothing about oil and gas so could not help him. I don’t know he managed during 2018, I just hope he had peace in his final months. Let’s not forget those contribute to our passion, Cedric more than anyone else deserves to be recognized and thanked. he gave a lot to both Europlate and RPWO over the years, Rest in Peace my friend.

Sadly Hanspeter 😢( i sadly never meet Cedric)

(the new Admin of the side)