485-Ebay jooanii Dubai fake number license plates

In August 2016 Ebay seller jooanii was trying to sell these fake Dubai plates. jooanii also uses or has used the Ebay identities aligator8815, aabasi10, hamti118, eseller121, sat2115, haka.mehma, teenmay and sekawat.
He describes these new plates as being located in Turkmenistan but says they will be shipped from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan, he has five plates or sets available, jooanii is registered as being based in Sharjah, UAE and many of his other identities stated the plates were in Turkey.
Confused or what?

He has sold the same plates in various different colours before. See photos 319 (aligator8815) and 391 (hamti118) on here for some of the other versions.

These plates are nothing like any Dubai plate has ever been. Novelty or joke plates is maybe the best description for them but they are just rubbish really.