308-eurotags (aka bmw-frames, 2ma, go-ic) Egypt mc test designs and samples

Ebay seller eurotags (aka bmw-frames, 2ma, go-ic) has been trying to sell these Eqyptian motorcycle test design plates. They are just test designs to show what the factory can do. Nothing like it has ever been used in Eqypt. Both have come direct from the scrap bins of the manufacturer in Germany.
Notice how the registrations are the same on both plates. One blue, one yellow, one with over-printing on the letters and one without.
The big problem is that he states for the yellow topped plate „100% real used plates !! no fake !!!“. This is completely untrue and these plates have certainly never been used. Fake, perhaps not, but test designs most certainly.

Be very careful what you buy, don’t buy mint plates and check who you are buying from.