277-Ebay guepard68 Nepal fake

This plate is supposed to be from Nepal and was being sold in May 2013 by guepard68 from Switzerland on Ebay. It was originally sold in 2012 by 6164johnw from Germany.
There are many, many mint Nepalese plates in collections that have been made in Nepal, where all plates are hand painted, and are usually possible numbers. Some however do have wrong letters or western numbers.
This plate looks like it was made in someoneÔÇÖs garage and he attempted to copy a Nepal plate. The numbers are very poorly painted and of the 2 letters on the left, one of them is not actually a Nepalese letter. It is supposed to be a 1960s private plate however it is a complete fake.
Do not buy mint Nepalese plates. Some may have been made in Nepal but none have been on vehicles and some have number/letter combinations that have never existed.