278-Ebay autoplatehunter India fake

This was sold on Ebay by autoplatehunter from Germany in May 2013 as an Indian motorcycle or Tuk Tuk (autorickshaw) plate. It is not. It is nothing like any Indian plate that is used on these vehicles.
It must be some sort of sample to show what the German manufacturers can make.
Genuine Indian plates have at least 9 digits and have a complicated set of letters/numbers that show the state, the area of registration, the vehicle class and the serial number. Some states use 11 digits.
I am sure this has come straight from a German plate factory. Whatever it is, it is a complete fake.

Check with the online photo archives what real plates look like before buying any plate. There are so many fakes, samples and test plates on the market these days that you cannot trust any plate or any seller. That includes Ebay (and other similar web based auction sites), Facebook and Yahoo. There are people trying to sell or trade fake plates on all these sites.