768-Ebay world-plates worldplateuk South Sudan Taiwan Indonesia Thailand fake number license plates

In September 2018 Ebay seller world-plates from Taipei in Taiwan (who has now added a second Ebay identity – worldplateuk) was trying to sell these fake South Sudan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand plates. She says they are used plates but they are not; they are complete fakes.

worldplateuk should not be confused with worldplatesuk which is a now defunct identity for agaplatesuk, another cheat and liar. I am told that world-plates aka worldplateuk is Jennifer Chen with addresses in the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Very strange and very suspicious.

The South Sudan plates appeared on a Chinese manufacturer’s website and are of a design that was never used in South Sudan. They were bought by uzdecor-com (along with many, many other plates) who eventually admitted they were fakes direct from China. Search my photos here for several photos of fake plates from uzdecor.
The Taiwan plate really is a poor quality fake although they have gone to a lot of trouble to make it look real. The stamped seals in the plate are ok (not great) but the third one is mising and the border is just a joke.
The Indonesia and Thailand plates are just poor quality rubbish made in back-street sign shops.

ALWAYS check with someone or some group or some website if the item for sale is even possibly a real genuine, used number plate.