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This is a little different post for me as I usually call out Ebay sellers. With Ebay/PayPal fees going up and the ever increasing dominance of Facebook (et al) plate collector groups, there are some sellers on Facebook who have to be named.
There is one German school child called Tom R├╝ter, aka Tom Rueter and now also Fynn Jones (I am told) who is in many FB groups and has one or more that he started. He has been selling a lot of plates recently and some are outright rejected German test designs but he never says they are not genuine.
I have tried commenting (very nicely) on his dodgy plates on FB but all I got was blocked and he continues to list the fake plates. I have several spies on FB who feed me the information even though I cannot see it.
This child (and his father) have been banned from several FB groups due not only to selling plates he has made himself, plates he has doctored, reproductions he swears are genuine with very fanciful explanations as to how he got them and samples/test designs he sells as genuine but also because he blocks anyone who has the slightest criticism of him and just absolutely knows he is 100% perfect.

This photo is of some of his recent offerings (as of September 2018).
India red/yellow temporary. Genuine plates are actually stickers. This was made for ripping collectors off.
Iran painted. A sample of a type that was never used. Probably came from Iran in the 80s but should be pressed not painted and have a town name not Iran at bottom right.
Saudi. One of hundreds of salesman’s samples in wrong colours, wrong registration series and they never started with 0.
Dubai classic. Rejected test design. This type was never used.
Bahrain P.S motorcycle. Several in collections all with the same number and the genuine ones were blue with a very low number.
Finally to show what he does, is his repaint of a rare, reasonable condition old Saudi taxi plate. Looks like he used his finger not a brush.

All I can say is be warned.