46-Chinese made fake Japanese racing mc plates type 1

These photos are of fake plates made in China. Originally sold by one dealer with 5 identities – watch_collector_2418, rose743300, success_lucky, *a*a*a*a*a* and eee19700624 although he may have more that I have not seen.
They are no more than cheap souvenirs and can be seen on donkey carts, bicycles, etc on the streets of China but they are not genuine plates from any sort of vehicle from any country.
This batch is supposed to be one of three types of Japanese racing motorcycle plates (or sometimes called just motorcycle plates). They are the wrong design, the wrong type of numbers, the wrong dies, the wrong colours and are not even close to real (normal) Japanese motorcycle plates.
Some have now appeared on various flea market stalls around the world (including Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).