45-Chinese made fake mc and army plates

These photos are of fake plates made in China. Originally sold by one dealer with 5 identities – watch_collector_2418, rose743300, success_lucky, *a*a*a*a*a* and eee19700624.
They are no more than cheap souvenirs and can be seen on donkey carts, bicycles, etc on the streets of China but they are not genuine plates from any sort of vehicle from any country.
This batch is supposed to be various different motorbike and army plates.
The Rome and New York ones are nothing like the real thing and are just ridiculous, the various green ‘army’ ones have various words like ground, field operations and army on them but are completely different in every way from genuine Chinese army plates, the yellow BG853 is supposed to be an emergency services vehicle but is not, yellow 0082 has been said to be a police plate but was translated for me as ‘within the city’ above ‘arrogant’ 0082. Blue china 0003 and fighter jet 0068 look like they come from a souvenir stall on the Great Wall but both were being sold as real military plates.
Just a con trick to part collectors from their money.
These are just some of the many different serial numbers he sells and there are many of each number.