443-Ebay bmw7777777 Kazakhstan Libya Ras Al Khaimah Sierra Leone sample reproduction number license plates

In April 2016 Ebay seller bmw7777777 from Surgut, Tyumen region, Russia was trying to sell these Kazakhstan, Libya, Ras Al Khaimah and Sierra Leone plates.

Most of these are old samples, some from a long time ago.
The Kazakhstan plate has a registration that will not be reached for many years to come, the Libya plate is of the wrong style and has the wrong words on it, the Ras Al Khaimah plate is a sample from when that series was first introduced in 1986 straight from Germany and the Sierra Leone plate is one of a huge batch of samples that were being sold about 5 years ago by German delers.

Do not buy mint plates, you will end up with scrap in your collection.