442-Ebay 9 71066 Abkhazia Turkmenistan sample reproduction number license plates

In April 2016 Ebay seller 9_71066 from Petrozavodsk, Karelia in Russia has been trying to sell these plates.
He is selling them as new and unused and even says they were made in Russia but they are not genuine officially issued plates. He may have many copies of each of these also, only time will tell.

To many people, these will look like genuine plates but they are actually both made slightly wrong.

The Abkhazia plate has the flag and ABH wrong, the registration is incorrect and it is made on the wrong blank. The Turkmenistan plate has a registration that will never exist, the flag and TM are wrong and the spacing of the numerals is wrong. They are both very poor quality reproductions made to part collectors from their money when they buy rubbish.

If you buy mint plates like this you will end up with scrap aluminium in your collection.