378-Ebay curci-ba Togo Curacao North Carolina sample number license plates

In May 2015 Ebay seller curci-ba from Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina was trying to sell these various salesmen’s samples that must have come from some police department plate factory in the former Yugoslavia.
All these plates are mint and you can see where they have been attached to a wall or frame for display.

The Togo plate is nothing like a real Togo plate.
The Curacao plate is of a design that was never used.
The North Carolina plate is almost correct but NC has never used bolt slots, only bolt holes.
The plate marked Listica is supposed to be a tractor plate but is not from any ex Yugoslavia republic.
The Policija plate is also not from any ex Yugoslav republic.

Do not buy mint plates or you will end up with rubbish in your collection. Especially ones from exotic locations when you do not really know what the genuine plate should look like.