286-Ebay ippolitosca chica001973 annamaria0952 texwiller000 fake Cuba plates

During 2013 Ebayer ippolitosca (a.k.a. chica001973, annamaria0952 and texwiller000) from Torino in Italy has been trying to sell these fake Cuban current series plates. These are all fakes that are sold in the tourist shops in Cuba as cheap souvenirs and are very different from real Cuban plates. They are made by hand and of very poor quality.
The vast majority, perhaps 80%, of Cuban plates for sale on Ebay are fakes. Be very careful about any Cuban plate and check the online photo archives to make sure the colours are correct, the design is correct and the registration is correct. All these plates are wrong on at least two counts.
He must have been on holiday in Cuba again and brought back an enormous pile of these fakes.