287-Ebay smamiton India fakes

Since autumn 2013 Ebayer smamiton from Oregon in the USA has been trying to sell these fake Indian current series high security registration plates (HSRP). Having finally been introduced and made compulsory after many years delay, the genuine plates have many security features. However there are lots of problems with the ones that smamiton is trying to sell.
They have all been made in a plate shop somewhere in India but none are genuine plates.
They do not have the laser etched security number that proves they are genuine, many of them are motorcycle plates but most do not have the right code letters for motorcycles as India has a very complicated system where the letters indicate the vehicle class, the blue band is not part of the new HSRP plates and the hologram is wrong. A lot of the private and commercial plates have registrations that will never exist as the code letters are wrong.
The Sikkim and Jammu Kashmir plates in particular have registrations that cannot exist.
Very sad as he does have a few genuine plates from the previous style in amongst all the fakes.

Very dubious plates indeed, no doubt bought for a few dollars in a shop in India with the hope of parting collectors from their money and making a nice little profit.