26-Ebay slawa20374 manufacturer samples

In late 2010 the German Ebayer slawa20374 sold this batch of what is almost certainly a plate manufacturer’s test designs and samples when hoping to get contracts in the 1990s.
ABC123 is supposed to be an Azerbaijan plate but this design was rejected and all AZ plates are made on French machines. This is the wrong type of number also.
2 96 5138 is a test design that was not adopted for two line Palestinian taxi plates.
24-765180 is a test design for the 1998 Libyan private series but the number is wrong.
CUR 97 is presumabaly a 1997 test design for Curacao – not adopted.
986, the Thailand motorcycle plate is an incorrect design.
Netherlands SJ EU 83 is an incorrect design for a Dutch plate as real ones always have hyphens.
RTS67M is supposed to be a Venezuelan military plate and I really know nothing about them but being in this batch I have to think the worst.
German mint plates are 99% guaranteed to be wrong in some way as the unwanted plates and rejected designs from the German plate manufacturers get into German collectors‘ hands and then on to the market as the real thing. Don’t buy mint German made plates.