257-Ebay mopedfreak fake various plates

The plates in the left column were sold as part of a batch of 10 by Ebayer mopedfreak from Germany in June 2012. There were two other batches that I do not have photos of sadly.
All 3 batches had a lot of sample and fake plates in them. All the plates are unused and have a very, very small hole in each corner as if they have been hanging on wire somewhere previously. They are probably all older samples and fakes as there was a Saudi Arabia truck 1978 sample and an Abu Dhabi private 1986 sample.
The ones in this column are all manufacturer’s samples except for T-0672 that is probably a copy of a Bulgarian enamelled military plate and looks painted. The Italian plates are missing the official seal and have certainly never been near a vehicle.
Swiss Switzerland plates only have lead zeros on sample plates.
The Italian CD plate was resold on Ebay by ellkey in Germany in October 2012.

The plates in the right column were sold as part of two batches of 10 by mopedfreak in January 2013. There were many American sample plates also.
These non-US plates are all samples and most are test designs that were never used in the countries they are supposed to be from
The Jordanian foreigner plate is basically correct but has a number that is about 570000 too high, the Portuguese moped plate has no security number on it so was never officially issued, the Liberian plate has a format that has never existed, the Lebanese plate was a design that was never adopted and the UAE plate is a manufacturer’s test plate and nothing like any UAE plate of any period.