258-Ebay sarospatak2007 fakes

Hungarian Ebay seller sarospatak2007 (who is probably related to lavrikw also in Hungary) is a regular seller of fake plates. I do not know where they are made but it may be in Hungary.
These are just a few he has tried to sell since 2012. Some of his plates are exactly the same as the lavrikw fakes.
The so called Greenland plate has the wrong dies and is not a real Greenland registration.
The so called Armenian plate has the wrong dies and is not like a real Armenian plate.
The so called Norwegian plate has the wrong dies and is not like a real Norwegian plate.
The so called Danish plate has the wrong dies and is on the wrong base. He is at least selling this one and the Armenian plate as demo plates made for a show.

You need to check before you buy unused (mint) plates as there are so many fakes and fakers on Ebay. Nearly all non-USA mint plates are not genuine as the countries that have officially issued plates do not give out unused plates. A few plates may be correct in every way but most are just scrap aluminium really.

Update: In early 2014 he tried to sell the fake Vatican plates. They are nothing like the real thing at all. They have the wrong blank, the wrong dies and the wrong number.