141-UAE misc samples 1

All these are UAE samples and have come direct from Germany or the USA.
The three Ajman ‚castle‘ plates are of the right design but lead zeros were never used. 13564 is just another in that batch and there are several more with other numbers also.
The green Fujeirah and yellow Umm Al Qawain plates are not designs that were actually used.
The column in the middle are all samples from American manufacturers and these designs were never used in the UAE.
The Abu Dhabi dealer plate at top right is green whereas the real plates were red. The Abu Dhabi ‚for hire and reward‘ plate has the western numerals at the top and they should be at the bottom. The 1976 series Abu Dhabi red on white is an Irwin-Hodson sample for probably the royal series but this plate never left the USA and it is not known if this design was actually used. The Ras Al-Khaimah plate is an unknown manufacturers‘ sample and the design was never used.