710-Ebay life-after-work2 eddspl8s Greece fake replica number license plate

In April 2018 Ebay seller life-after-work2 (aka life-after-work & eddspl8s) from Pikesville, Maryland, USA was trying to sell this fake Greek plate.

The blue band is wrong, the watermarks in the sheeting are missing and the embossed official seal is missing. Genuine Greek plates are easy to get on Ebay and often cheaper than these rubbish fakes.

Be very careful what you buy and don’t buy mint/reproduction plates or you will end up with expensive scrap aluminium in your collection.

This is an ALPCA member who probably knows little or nothing about non-USA plates and is trying to fool collectors and make a quick profit. If he knows they are replicas, he should state it much more clearly if he was an honest seller.