671-Ternopil Ukraine fake replica number license plates

There is a man in Ternopil, Ukraine (Yuriy Pokora) who has been selling aftermarket Ukrainian plates for some time. He sells them through various social media sites rather than through a website I believe. These aftermarket plates are common on vehicles in the Ukraine.

He has now branched out into making other countries‘ plates also. Unfortunately, there are many things wrong with these non-Ukrainian plates. Wrong fonts, no slots in the American plates, the German plates have the seals intact (they are always heavily defaced before being allowed to collectors) and other small problems.

The big problem is going to come later when some of these plates get into the market. From a photo during a sale or trade it could be difficult to tell if the plate or plates are genuine or not to someone without the correct knowledge. It just proves that any plate you bid on or trade for MUST be checked against the huge number of photos of genuine plates available on the www.

This just makes everything difficult for everyone. Reproductions are very bad for the hobby and if you care about the future of the hobby, it is better you do not buy reproductions, especially poor quality ones like this seller makes.