630-Ebay mandorle Pakistan Sudan souvenir brass not number license plate

In July 2017 Ebay seller mandorle in Quebec, Canada was trying to sell this brass plate he describes as a „Rare 1971 NIMEIRI GAAFAR Sudan dictator presidential car brass license plate“. He says it is from the largest plate collector in Canada. I do not know if that is him or someone else.

Unfortunately, someone has been completely conned (fooled) with the description and it is not even a Sudanese plate, dictator or not. Sudan plates use Arabic and this one is written in Urdu as used in Pakistan.
The plate translates as Lahore November 1971.

This can best be described as a Lahore, Pakistan souvenir from 1971 and has nothing to do with the dictator or Sudan. It is not even a real Lahore vehicle plate. He wants 500 USD for it but it is maybe worth 10 USD as a novelty item.