623-Ebay Thailand graphic fake replica number license plates

In July 2017 these Thai graphic plates were for sale on Ebay. The seller has now removed them when he discovered they were not genuine auction plates („super numbers“).

Genuine, used, officially issued Thai graphic plates are very rare. They must have all of the following things:
There must be an embossed seal on one corner.
There must be a nine-digit serial number on one corner.
There must be a stamped seal on the back of the plate.
There must be a hologram on the front.
They must be made on the particular graphic base for that province or area.
They must have the correct first letter for a private car vehicle type.

From each series only 301 of the 9999 registrations are auctioned off on graphic bases and they are all the low, repetitive, ’nice‘, etc numbers. Lists of available numbers are available on the internet; 7514 and 1445 are not available at auction.
Each of the issuing areas in Thailand have their own specific graphic.

These 2 plates have Bangkok (Krung Thep Maka Nakhon) across the bottom but the graphics are completely the wrong design for Bangkok. The vehicle class letter (first letter) on the 7514 plate is for an agricultural vehicles (and plant and machinery). Although the letters on the 1445 plate are correct and there is an etched number and a seal, this was also made in an aftermarket shop.

Pretty plates but fakes.