535-Ebay license plates shop com Abu Dhabi Dubai Qatar fake number license plates

In November 2016 Ebay seller license_plates_shop_com from Niederaichbach in Germany was trying to sell these Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar replica plates. He is selling them as replicas (which is good) but none of them is correct. He is offering to make any registration you want.

None of the designs is correct. Some have the holograms missing, some have the Arabic words badly pressed, one design is completely wrong, one has the spacing of the words wrong and one has the word printed instead of pressed.

The big problem is going to come later when some of these plates get into the market. From a photo during a sale or trade people who are not familiar with these plates will find it very difficult to tell if the plate or plates are genuine or not.

This just makes everything difficult for everyone. Reproductions are very bad for the hobby and if you care about the future of the hobby, it is better you do not buy reproductions.