530-Ebay apextc80 Saudi Arabia fake sample number license plates

In October 2016 Ebay seller apextc80 from Aurora, Illinois, USA was trying to sell these sample Saudi Arabia plates. He is selling them as used royal family plates. This is complete rubbish and they are nothing but cheap samples.

The top plate is a suggested design that was never adopted by Saudi Arabia and there are at least 8 plates in collections with the same number/letter combination. The bottom plate is a sample for the 1978 series optional long plate but the number is much too high and is actually a truck number not this supposedly private car number.

Both plates went straight from the factory in Germany to collectors and have never been close to Saudi Arabia.

Cheap rubbish being sold as something they are not by someone who either knows nothing, has been conned into believing a load of rubbish or is just trying to cheat collectors out of money.

Always check that a plate you want is even possibly genuine. Do not just believe all the rubbish written on an Ebay advert and waste your money on expensive junk like this.