368-Ebay together5882 Turkmenistan sample number license plate

n May 2015 Ebay seller together5882 from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina was offering the green Turkmenistan government plate. He is selling it as used which it most certainly is not.

This plate is obviously mint, unused and is one of the plates that the Utsch representative used to hand out to plate factories as samples when trying to get work. 0001 and 0033 are the two most common numbers and these plates could be found in many, many different countries hanging on plate factory walls or in piles of samples in a cupboard somewhere. I guess this has come from some plate factory or police office in Sarajevo. From the marks on the back, it has obviously been tied to a display board somewhere and definitely not used on a car.
If it was real, it would be a plate from an exceedingly high ranking Turkmen official and genuine, used Turkmenistan plates are nearly impossible to get as the country is a dictatorship with very strange ideas.

I am also including a red plate in the same photo as it originates somewhere from ex-Yugoslavia, possibly Kosovo, and has the marks from being hung on the same display. It is not for sale on Ebay as far as I know and is some fantasy registration from no particular country. Again a salesman’s sample but I am including it just in case it turns up somewhere

Do not buy mint plates or you will end up with rubbish in your collection.