215-Souvenir plates

Since I have included the Tristan Da Cuhna and Principality of Sealand fantasy or souvenir plates, I should include some other souvenir plates.
None of these designs has ever been used on a vehicle anywhere in the world and most are from jurisdictions where there are no registered vehicles.
Antarctica – there are several slightly different designs of these plates.
Chilean Antarctica – several different registrations exist.
Beijing Olympic Games 2008 – this might be another Chinese made fantasy plate rather than a genuine souvenir.
Bahrain – 7 years of formula 1 race souvenirs. They also exist for the V8 supercars races there.
Easter Island
Egypt – as sold on stalls around the pyramids.
Robinson Crusoe island
Airbus A300 souvenir given away at the launch in Abu Dhabi in 1984.