87-Iran 1993 private samples

There is no such thing as a mint unused genuine official plate that has ever come from Iran. The Iranians are paranoid and recent visits to a car museum there (where old plates are displayed) and questions about the old plates resulted in considerable official displeasure and questioning.
These are some of the many mint examples direct from Germany and most of them are wrong in some way as they are test designs and errors.
The first 6 are actually of the correct design and numbering with Tehran-11 (the first issues) at the top. The rest are wrong in that all the real 1993 private plates have 3 numerals, 1 letter and 2 further numerals. The 78 in Tehran-78 at the top of the plate is the serial extender and the highest the series got to was Tehran-15. The plate with no serial extender should have one in Tehran.