764-Ebay marisaland Israel government fake number license plate

In September 2018 Ebay seller marisaland (aka ismaa3) from El Soto and La Fresneda in Spain was selling this replica Israeli government fleet plate.

He does not say they are replicas and claims they are used. He is just lying again. 

This plate is on the wrong base and should have an attached menorah (the badge).

Do you really think brand new (mint) plates like this are actually genuine? If so, you have a great deal to learn about plates and how and by whom they are made. This one was almost certainly made in Spain. Better you stop collecting than waste your money on scrap aluminium like this.

These are replica plates that he is now trying to make money out of by claiming they are used plates when they are not. He has done this many times before, basically just trying to fool collectors and part them from their money yet again.

If he wants to sell replicas, no problem, but he has to be honest and say they are poor replicas and not actually the same as the real plates. He has to stop lying about the poor quality rubbish that he sells.