76-Bahrain 1969 mc samples

There are probably almost as many sample Bahrain plates in collections as there are genuine used ones. There are several reasons for this:
1. Bahrain used to be very good at sending sample plates to collectors although they will give you absolutely nothing nowadays.
2. I am pretty sure some of the 1969 series rejected designs got into collectors’ hands direct from the manufacturer and some of the 1993 rejected designs definitely escaped from the factory.
3. There were two very large batches of 1969 series test designs with the same plate type made in several different colours and these were later given away by Bahrain to collectors. Some of these test designs were for vehicle classes that were never introduced.

The samples illustrated in these photos are just some of the many of each series. Before buying or trading mint looking older Bahrain plates, you should check the lists on the RPWO Bahrain pages where all known colours of samples and those that were actually issued in the 1969 series are listed.

These are some of the motorcycle samples. Some do not have the official police logo stamped into the plate and 36916 is a number that is way too high for a Bahrain mc. When the series finished, they had reached about 7000. The biggest problem with these samples is that the actual plates used in Bahrain were all black on orange. There are some low numbered samples in the correct colours also.