758-Ebay locky666 Arabic fake number license plate

In September 2018 Ebay seller locky666 from Germany was trying to sell this fake Arabic plate. He is selling it in a batch of 7 different plates and he says it is a used plate which is complete rubbish. The other 6 plates are all genuine.

This plate is one of several that are all mint and have similar numbers although the western and Arabic numbers are different. The Arabic on this one is 603562 but the western is 903526. The words are ‚private‘ over ‚taxi‘ above ‚on test‘.
They are manufacturer’s samples but were made for no specific country in the Arab world and come in various colours with various words on them. No country actually used a plate similar to these.

ALWAYS check with someone or some group or some website if the item for sale is even possibly a real genuine, used number plate.