749-Ebay agaplatesuk Pakistan fake number license plate

In August 2018 Ebay seller agaplatesuk from Redditch in England was trying to sell this fake Pakistan plate. agaplatesuk was previously worldplatesuk and foushekas and has a very long history as a maker of fake plates and a seller of fake and doctored plates.

This plate has been made by him in his shed or garage as it is nothing like any Pakistan Sindh Karachi plate in the last 50 years.
This is not a Sindh registration for a motorcycle, the plate is the wrong colour, they never use stick on letters and numerals, the sticker on the left is never used in Pakistan and even the most illiterate plate painter in Karachi would make a perfect job of the word KARACHI – not like this childish effort.

Do not buy anything from this seller is the only advice I can offer. Several people have tried to get him banned from Ebay but Ebay want his money more than they care about what sort of expensive fake rubbish he sells.