746-Ebay jbeerd Norfolk Island fake replica number license plate

Since June 2018 Ebay seller jbeerd (aka carplatespro) from Moscow in Russia was trying to sell these replica Norfolk Island plates. He usually has up to10 copies of each plate with the same numbers (1977). 

The very easy way to tell if a Norfolk Island plate from this period is genuine is to look at the back of it. This plate should have a very long dot printed number on the back showing the date, where it was made, a serial number, etc., etc. His plates do not have this.

You are always welcome to send me an email through this site to ask if a plate is genuine.

This just makes everything difficult for everyone. Reproductions are very bad for the hobby and if you care about the future of the hobby, it is better you do not buy reproductions, especially such poor quality ones like this seller makes.