740-Ebay affenbudda India fake number license plate

In June 2018 Ebay seller affenbudda from Flu├čbach in Germany was trying to sell this Madras, India plate that is supposedly written in the Tulugu language. He says it is genuine and used.

Sorry but all this is very wrong. This is not even a vehicle number plate.

The plate as sold by him is at the top and the same plate (the scratches on it match exactly) is shown at the bottom as it was in 2011. Who added the extra at the top and when I do not know.

This plate is a complete fantasy and is written in no known Indian script. There are hundreds of different Indian languages of which 22 are official languages. Many of the languages use a completely different set of letters/numerals.
If we assume the plate is supposed to have 2 or 3 letters and 4 numerals, there are elements of the Tamil, Bengal, Malayalam and Hindi alphabets on the plate but 2 of the numerals are not from any known Indian language. This has been checked with numerous native Indian speakers from many parts of India.