737-Ebay jbeerd Guyana police fake replica number license plate

In July 2018 Ebay seller jbeerd (aka carplatespro) from Moscow in Russia was trying to sell this replica Guyanese police plate. He usually has up to10 copies of each plate with the same numbers. 

This is a very strange plate for jbeerd as it is made with all the security features that normally come from a major plate manufacturer and that he normally cannot do. There are the watermarks in the sheeting, there is a hologram and the graphics are of a much higher quality than he ever makes. It looks very much like he has purchased these plates from a (probably) Chinese manufacturer and is reselling them.

The BIG problem though is that this is one of the designs that was submitted in 2016 for a completely new series of plates in Guyana with all the high security features expected of modern plates. The designs were never adopted and again in 2018 Guyana has released a tender for the supply of new design high security plates. Even IF this police design is adopted, the plates will not be in circulation until 2019 at the very earliest.

Do you really want in your collection a fake plate (that has never existed in real life) that is not only so obviously wrong but that many other people also have? You can’t even boast about your latest plate to other collectors since they will laugh at you for wasting so much money on rubbish when they see what you bought.