734-Ebay Belgium fake number license plates

The photo above is a genuine, officially issued rear Belgian plate.

This is about how to spot a current series fake Belgian plate. There are a lot of Belgian plates turning up in Ukraine these days and the sellers (on Ebay and various Facebook groups) claim they are all genuine. Particular sellers on Ebay are andryushyk, lowiforcmentitems and perhaps ukraineitems also.
These plates have been put on de-registered cars in Belgium being taken to Ukraine as it is no doubt cheaper for the buyers than getting proper official temporary/export plates.

Belgian authorities only issue one plate per car (the rear plate) and it is the owner’s responsibility to get the front plate from a plate shop in Belgium. Front plates can be in a variety of styles depending on the machines/blanks the shop is using but they are always with the unique Belgian font.

Genuine, officially issued rear plates are ALWAYS made on a single piece aluminium blank (like German, Russian, Danish, Bulgarian, etc plates) and NOT like the horrible French and Spanish two-piece plates.
Genuine, officially issued rear plates ALWAYS have an embossed CV seal on them. CV is ‚circulation verkeer‘. The style is very distinct and most fake rear plates have this seal stamped incorrectly.
Genuine, officially issued rear plates have official watermarks in the sheeting. The fakes do not.
Fake rear plates often have some name and/or number etched on them from whichever shop made it. JDM and SAM are fairly common.
Belgian plates NEVER have the German FE-Schrift font that is common on many countries‘ plates these days. Quite a lot of fakes do have this font.
The rear, official plate has been the property of the government since 1954 and MUST be returned on de-licensing the vehicle otherwise they come and arrest you. This is why genuine, officially issued rear plates are so very difficult to get and why there are many fakes around. 

Basically just about every plate for sale on Ebay or Facebook or wherever that has a CV seal on it is a fake. The very, very few that are not fake are likely to be stolen genuine, officially issued plates.
The ones without the seal are owner provided anyway so that is OK.

Do not buy Belgian plates with the CV seal on them. 

This is a photo of what is on an officially issued rear plate but you will not find on the many fakes.

For additional information on how to recognize a genuine rear plate, go to:
and go down the page to section 4. Security Elements.
It is an amazing website with all the information you could ever need on Belgian plates.