731-Ebay 1lqqk991 Mexico Tamaulipas fake number license plate

In June 2018 Ebay seller 1lqqk991 from Pickerington, Ohio in the USA was trying to sell this fake Mexican plate. 

There are many, many things wrong with this plate but the most serious one is that Mexican registrations have a mixture on numerals and letters and vanity plates with a word on them are not allowed.

He starts his advert saying it is used and that it just a lie. As is very common with sellers who are saying it is genuine, but know that it is obviously a fake, the photo he provides is very poor quality. Either he knows nothing about Mexican plates (unlikely I think) or he is just another Ebay crook out to rip-off collectors.

ALWAYS check what you are buying against photos, read the advert completely and trust no-one on Ebay, especially this seller.