73-Ebay teuresblech fakes 2

This fake is so stupid, it is funny. Early in 2010 teuresblech (who is also ju52rh and shamspferd) tried to sell the plate on the left. It is supposed to be a Tristan Da Cunha mc plate. Someone pointed out to him that Tristan Da Cunha is in the South Atlantic not the South Pacific. I am told he sold it to one of his other Ebay identities and then cut the bottom off to sell it again. His excuse when he sold it the second time was ‚because the plate was specially made for a Moto Cross Bike‘!
This seller not only sells known fakes, he makes up stories about the plates to explain the outright mistakes on them and also sells to himself.
He has even admitted that if you cannot get a plate from a country, one of his ’specials‘ is better than nothing.
Same excuse as the infamous J.D.Applegate.