727-Ebay bearplate Palestine fake number license plate

In May 2018 Ebay seller bearplate from Rockford, Illinois, USA was trying to sell this fake Palestine plate. 

This plate is supposed to be a Palestinian plate but it has an Israeli registrations (Palestinian plates have a different format), the font is completely wrong and the blank is wrong.

It is part of a big batch of fake Palestine plates that were being sold about 10 years ago having been made in Israel I believe. Use the search function on here for „Palestine“ to see more of them.

Expensive rubbish being sold as something it is not by someone who either knows nothing, has been conned into believing a load of rubbish or is just trying to cheat collectors out of money.

Always check that a plate you want is even possibly genuine. Do not just believe all the rubbish written on an Ebay advert and waste your money on expensive junk like this.