724-Ebay p.memory19727 Palestine taxi fake number license plate

In May 2018 Ebay seller p.memory19727 from Israel was trying to sell this fake Palestine plate. 

This plate is supposed to be a Palestine taxi plate but, it is home made of vinyl stickers and the registration is from an Israeli taxi not a Palestinian one that have their own unique series of registrations. Israeli taxi plates are yellow of course.

It certainly looks like it was used illegally somewhere but at a very expensive 99 USD for such a poor quality fake plate, this is not worth even considering.

Expensive rubbish being sold as something it is not by someone who either knows nothing, has been conned into believing a load of rubbish or is just trying to cheat collectors out of money.

Always check that a plate you want is even possibly genuine. Do not just believe all the rubbish written on an Ebay advert and waste your money on expensive junk like this.