715-Ebay agaplatesuk Egypt fake replica number license plate

In April 2018 Ebay seller mresurrey (who had no idea what they were) sold these fake Egyptian plates to agaplatesuk from Redditch in England no doubt for very small money after pulling the adverts early. agaplatesuk was previously worldplatesuk and foushekas and has a very long history as a maker of fake plates, a seller of doctored plates and as a liar on his adverts.

agaplatesuk is now selling them for 300 USD each as genuine used Egyptian plates even though he certainly knows what a genuine plate should look like and that these plates have clearly never been used. 

Do not buy from this seller is the only advice I can offer. Several people have tried to get him banned from Ebay but Ebay want his money more than they care about what sort of expensive fake rubbish he sells.