71-IR sample Protocol plate

This is a very interesting sample. I had originally presumed this to be a rare Afghanistan sample and it looks as if it could have been made by an American manufacturer.
Afghanistan samples are almost unknown although there are many, many copy, replica and fake Afghanistan plates as seen in earlier photos here.
This is a sample plate for a ‹protocol› vehicle (for the carriage of VIPs) and was made at the request of the Iranians by a Dutch manufacturer in the 1970s. Had it ever gone into production, it would have had a flag sticker over the plain ‘flag’ on the plate. I and the owner have no idea why it has KL after the word ‘ceremonies’.

A good example of a manufacturer’s sample that never went beyond making this one plate. The owner of this plate got it direct from the manufacturer and is rightly proud of this sample. It is never likely to come on the market but I have kept it here to show that just because a plate appears for sale or trade somewhere does not mean it is anywhere close to anything that was ever actually used.