708-Ebay rayfeb14 Syria fake number license plate

In April 2018 Ebay seller rayfeb14 from Brooklyn, New York, USA (who is also new-and-old-stuff) was trying to sell this fake Syrian 1950s plate. He says it is used but it is not.

If it was correct, it would be fine even though it is unused. In the 1950s to 1970s, it was possible to get sample plates from many, many countries just by asking. Changed days indeed from today. These plates were usually correct in every way but this one is absolutely not correct.

This plate has painted numbers whereas the genuine ones are embossed. The number is ridiculously low although possible but the BIG problem is that the western number is 35 and the Arabic number is actually painted as 45 in Farsi (Persian or Iranian). No genuine Syrian plate would ever use Farsi; only Arabic, that is very different from this.

Always check that a plate is close to that particular country’s genuine plates. There are several websites like Francoplaque and Plateshack that have pictures of genuine plates as well as lots of photos on the www.