705-Ebay mresurrey Egypt fake replica number license plates

In April 2018 Ebay seller mresurrey from Chessington in the UK was trying to sell these fake Egyptian plates. He says they are used and also they are unused. I am certain that he has no idea what they are but he says he was told they are 1950s Egyptian plates.

They are sort of like the 1956 series of Egyptian plates but they are made of aluminium not steel, they are printed not painted or pressed, the design and the size of the plates is wrong and the Arabic is very, very strangely written.

I would guess they are a batch of 1980s replicas that someone (not this seller) had made for some reason, maybe even as movie props.

Although they look like they could be genuine, always check that a plate is close to that particular country’s genuine plates. There are several websites like Francoplaque, www.licenseplatemania.com and Plateshack that have pictures of genuine plates.