703-Ebay slotgirl777 Algeria fake sample number license plate

In March 2018 Ebay seller slotgirl777 from San Diego, California in the USA was trying to sell this fake Algerian plate. He says it is a genuine, used plate but it is not. He wants 180 USD for it.

This is one of a batch of German manufacturer’s salesman’s samples that were created back in the 1980s when they were trying to get contracts. None have ever been used and you can search „Algeria“ on here for some of the others. One even has Cairo on it not Algeria and some are trying to be military plates. Nothing like this has ever been used on any vehicle, in any country at any time.

Although it looks worn and used and looks like it could be genuine, always check that a plate is close to that particular country’s genuine plates. There are several websites like Francoplaque, http://www.licenseplatemania.com and http://Plateshack.com that have pictures of genuine plates.

This plate really is just scrap aluminium or worth 1% of the selling price as a novelty.