695-Ebay license plates shop die schilder profis Ajman Fujeirah Ras Al Khaimah Dubai fake replica number license plates

In February 2018 Ebay seller license_plates_shop (aka die_schilder_profis) from Niederaichbach in Germany was offering these replicas of Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujeirah plates. He has 10 copies of each plate.

All of them have something wrong with them although they look good if you are not very familiar with UAE plates. These plates have the dies wrong and the words are embossed in the wrong place.

Replica plates always have something wrong with them so don’t buy them. Be very, very, careful of anybody offering plates like this in a trade or for sale and check very, very carefully if they are correct. I am always happy to be asked if a plate is genuine and have a large photo archive of genuine and fake plates from various countries.

Remember mint plates from most countries are never ever genuine and usually have lots wrong with them. These plates are very expensive for replicas so they are fairly unlikely to appear with any of the known crooks on Ebay out to make a quick profit from careless collectors but, in time, they may appear from so-called collectors who have previously bought them and who have a fetish for mint plates whether they are right or wrong and regardless of how many other so-called collectors bought them.