685-Ebay afarsemon613 fake Afghanistan sample license number plates

In January 2018 Ebay seller afarsemon613 from Beit Shemesh in Israel was trying to sell more fake Afghanistan plates; this is the first one. I don’t know if he bought them from uzdecor-com (aka musikman33) who is a well known seller of fakes or manufacturer’s samples or direct from the Chinese manufacturer. He has more than 1 copy he says.

If you do not know Afghani plates it may look good but the big problem is that this is supposed to be a taxi plate from Kabul and there are not 76000 taxis in Kabul and the ones that do exist ALL have yellow plates. This is a fake or junk plate.

If you buy mint plates like these, you will end up with rubbish in your collection. Always check what a real plate is supposed to look like before making an offer or trading.