684-Ebay license plates shop die schilder profis Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah Qatar fake replica number license plates

In December 2017 Ebay seller license_plates_shop (aka die_schilder_profis) from Niederaichbach in Germany was offering these replicas of Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi plates. He has 10 copies of each plate and each series has registrations from 0 to 9. That makes 100 plates he says he has made.

Every one of these plates has something wrong with them:
The fonts are wrong
Printed names not embossed
words printed wrong and in the wrong place
Burj graphic in the wrong place
Some 0 registrations just do not exist

Replica plates always have something wrong with them so don’t buy them. Be very, very, careful of anybody offering plates like this in a trade or for sale and check very, very carefully if they are correct.

Remember mint plates from most countries are never ever genuine and usually have lots wrong with them, just like this overpriced rubbish.