681-Ebay license plates shop die schilder profis Kuwait Jordan Oman Israel fake replica number license plates

In December 2017 Ebay seller license_plates_shop (aka die_schilder_profis) from Niederaichbach in Germany was offering these replicas of Kuwait, Jordan, Oman and Israel plates. He has 10 copies of each plate.

The Kuwaiti replicas are completely the wrong colour and the words are embossed wrong.
The Israeli replica is on the old 1990s blank, is missing the special triangular stamp below one of the dashes and is missing the individual plate serial number and makers number.
The Omani replicas have the wrong fonts for everything and are missing the Omani hologram.
The Jordanian replicas do not have the Jordanian watermarks in the reflective sheeting.

Although all of these plates look nice, the Kuwait ones are obviously fakes and for the others check very carefully against photos of genuine plates if anything like this comes up for sale or trade. 

Replica plates always have something wrong with them so don’t buy them. Be very, very, careful of anybody offering plates like this in a trade or for sale and check very, very carefully if they are correct.

Remember mint plates from most countries are never ever genuine and usually have lots wrong with them.